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A great image, character, or story hook can make or break your D&D or Pathfinder encounters. is a collection of free-to-use, community-submitted, human-reviewed images, story ideas, and more that are ready for your next game.


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Darkness and Flame
πŸŒ„ Darkness and Flame

The campfire crackles in the pitch-black of night. The flames ar…

The Shores of Lake Alfell
πŸŒ„ The Shores of Lake Alfell

The quiet lapping of fresh water on the rocky shore brings a com…

Meadow in the Mountains
πŸŒ„ Meadow in the Mountains

The cliffs ahead are steep and rugged, but before you lies a bri…

The Icy Pass of Thalinor
πŸŒ„ The Icy Pass of Thalinor

Few have chosen this route, fewer still have made it through to …

Light of the Gods
πŸŒ„ Light of the Gods

The soft sounds of the forest give way and a warm glow fills the…

Scroll (unknown)
🏹 Scroll (unknown)


Here at, there's lots of great stuff, but here's some of the newest additions.

The Unclaimed Hills
πŸŒ„ The Unclaimed Hills

These mountains go on for what feels like forever. Only unknown …

A Quaint Valley
πŸŒ„ A Quaint Valley

A small hamlet sits nestled in this lush valley. The sounds of a…

Narrow Trail Through the Mountains
πŸŒ„ Narrow Trail Through the Mountains

This narrow trail cuts along the mountainside. The dust is fine …

Something Wicked Happened Here
πŸŒ„ Something Wicked Happened Here

Up ahead on the trail through this pine forest is the remains of…

The Shores of the Lake
πŸŒ„ The Shores of the Lake

The water laps calmly against the shore here. The wind is calm a…

The Brewery
πŸŒ„ The Brewery

The Hidden Vale
πŸ” The Hidden Vale

A secret valley tucked away amongst jagged peaks and numerous gl…

Woodland Path
πŸŒ„ Woodland Path

Azure Skies
πŸŒ„ Azure Skies

Snowblasted Road through the wilderness
πŸŒ„ Snowblasted Road through the wilderness

Cold wind drives the snow sideways across the wilderness trail.

The Forest Path
πŸŒ„ The Forest Path

Boulders in the Bay
πŸŒ„ Boulders in the Bay

On the Hills above the Trees
πŸŒ„ On the Hills above the Trees

Endless Forest
πŸŒ„ Endless Forest

An Island on the Rim of the World
πŸŒ„ An Island on the Rim of the World

Trail in the Woods
πŸŒ„ Trail in the Woods

Trail on the Edge of a Mountain
πŸŒ„ Trail on the Edge of a Mountain

Watch your step.

Rain on a Massive Lake
πŸŒ„ Rain on a Massive Lake

A Calm River
πŸŒ„ A Calm River

The Rocky Base of a Cliff
πŸŒ„ The Rocky Base of a Cliff

The base of this cliff is strewn with rocks that have crumbled f…


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